Big Data Analytics – Machine Learning (Data Science for Business Applications)

Built upon experience gained from long, laborious and exigent international R&D ventures, in ITML we deploy machine learning algorithms, advanced data mining techniques, real time data analytics and visualization tools. Exploiting heterogeneous resources from IoT to Cloud, we build distributed learning systems with flexible service models.


We deliver services leveraging methodologies and tools around:

  • Data Collection & Data Acquisition
  • Machine Learning (i.e. Real time complex event processing engine, Streaming analytics and predictions)
  • Optimized Data Mining (i.e. text mining and meaning mining procedures)
  • Data Exploitation & Design of Business Models



Cyber Security (Reaching the edge)

Our framework promotes a seamless, yet efficient infrastructure management and audit based on an agile approach . Our Data Analytics and Machine Learning expertise is applied to reach as far as the edge of your Architecture. Then we capitalize on the vast capacity of our cloud infrastructure with our unmatched data processing methodology to bring timely and precise measures of IT governance & operations.


  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Architecture Optimization
  • Audit & Compliance Assistance



Marine (Data for the Seafaring Economy)

Oriented by efficiency, we navigate software development and IT management services through compliance, energy saving, environmental sustainability and security to harbor performance and profitability. We steer our marine solutions in line with the latest trends in maritime technology and business, combining advanced data management with uncompromising control and uttermost respect to the seafaring economy.


  • EU and International Energy & Emissions Compliance
  • Optimization of Vessels’ Monitoring & Performance
  • Data Management & Visualization
  • Navigation Patterns



Professional Services (Striding to Execute)

Technology and Business combined in a way that facilitates your company to realize its vision . From analysis trough development to implementation and support, tailor made or off the shelf, we engage to design and deliver entirely new solutions or manage, improve and support already existing ones. Either directly or through partnerships, we thrive to execute. Our expertise: Data Analytics & Machine Learning, Project Management and Agile-Lean Development, DevOps, Front end & CX, Infrastructure Design and Administration, IT & Cyber Security Management.


  • Project Governance & Project Management
  • Analysis & Definition of Requirements
  • Tailor-Made Software Development
  • Technical Support