R&D Projects

  • SiC4GRID

    SiC4GRID is a 42-months project gathering partners from the complete value chain of SiC-based converters collaborating to tackle current obstacles to the technologies' market uptake.


    FERMI will exploit a holistic and cross-disciplinary methodology towards a framework that will thoroughly analyse D&FN and their sources, in combination with all the socioeconomic factors that may affect both the spreading of such incidents and their effects on multiple dimensions of society.

  • securehealth logo

    SecureHealth - Improving data protection in the healthcare sector.

  • OLEE logo

    Online Learning Engineering Environment - OLEE

  • 1ePoint logo

    Tailored and simplified training for digital marketing and e-commerce according to the needs of SMEs - 1ePoint

  • Life-in-EU-logo

    ‘Life in EU’ aims to support the social and labour integration of disadvantaged young migrants through cultural learning experiences.

  • DEClogo

    The ‘DEC’ project aims to foster youth engagement for a safer environment and responsible use of ICT.

  • trublo logo

    Trusted CONtent for TOURism marketing purposes will develop a blockchain-based framework for online, user-generated travel reviews.

  • I-Moco logo

    The broad IMOCO4.E challenge is to bridge the gap between the latest research results and best industrial practice in digital twins, AI and advanced mechatronic motion control systems.