Mr Nikos Dimakopoulos, Senior Project Manager, June 2022

E-commerce and the digital economy introduce new opportunities that everyone can use and benefit from. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the shift towards an ever more digital world.

Ms Athanasia Thraskia, Junior Project Manager, April 2022

Motion control is an engineering technology that encompasses several industries and extensively used in a variety of fields for automation purposes, including precision engineering, micromanufacturing, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Motion control systems are automation systems that involved in moving parts of machines in a controlled manner.

Ms Athanasia Thraskia, Junior Project Manager, March 2022

Being a critical part of the world economy, travel and tourism have always embraced and innovated on modern digital technologies, which demonstrate increased efficiency in managing complex, information-intensive processes and offering improved travel experience to the consumers.

Ms Athanasia Thraskia, Junior Project Manager, February 2022

Industrial automation is expanding at an increasing pace, where this surge of innovation is driven by recent advances in information and communication technologies facilitating a “phase transition” towards “Industry 4.0”.

Ms Irene Stylianou, Project Manager Assistant, January 2022

In an increasingly data-driven world, cyber security is no longer just a concern for experts. The Healthcare Sector is plagued by innumerable cybersecurity-related issues creating new challenges

Ms Vina Rompoti, Researcher, December 2021

At an international level, it is recognised that urban noise has serious negative public health impacts (Sound and the healthy city). But living in a fast-paced environment, it is considered valuable to present the topic of health and sound from several angles while also paying attention to both the economic impact and the environmental one.

Ms Annali Zakka, Marketing & Business Development Specialist, November 2021

Ransomware is not just yet another type of malware, it is a criminal business model in which the perpetrator seeks to obtain benefit by taking hostage of a victim’s data, infrastructure, economic output, intellectual property, or even privacy.